Sclerotherapy is an injection of a medication called a sclerosant into the affected vein. This causes the vein to create a scar tissue that ultimately closes off the vein. Blood left in the vein is reabsorbed naturally. The rest of your blood re-routes to normal and healthy veins to travel through your body more efficiently.

What is Sclerotherapy and How Does it Work?

A qualified vein doctor always checks for venous insufficiency, or vein disease, before treating your spider veins. Vein disease is the condition that causes spider veins to appear. If venous insufficiency is left untreated, it can lead to the formation of more spider and varicose veins, which can, in turn, lead to ulcers, bleeding, infections, and a potentially fatal medical condition called deep vein thrombosis.

Fortunately, venous insufficiency is curable with minimally invasive treatments such as sclerotherapy and several other technologies.

Sclerotherapy is generally painless, and most people see results within 3 weeks. Around 80 percent of spider veins are treated successfully with sclerotherapy, and it only takes about 15 minutes to complete. What’s more, sclerotherapy is a effective solution to your problems!

After the procedure, you will be allowed to walk around normally and even go back to work. Your leg(s) will be wrapped in ACE bandages or compression stockings, which you should wear for about two weeks after your sclerotherapy treatment.

Sclerotherapy recovery is usually very quick, but you may not notice the full benefits of your vein treatment for about six weeks to a few months depending on the size of the veins being treated. During recovery, your doctor will likely ask that you not take extremely hot baths or showers and that you temporarily hold off on taking some specific medications.


Does insurance cover Sclerotherapy?

In most cases insurance does cover sclerotherapy. Usually, your physician will tell you exactly how much your insurance will cover for sclerotherapy treatment, if at all. With only those painful bulging veins to lose and a lifetime of activity and fun to gain, what are you waiting for?



What are the Side Effects of Sclerotherapy?

Most of these side effects can be avoided completely if Sclerotherapy is performed by an experienced physician
The side effects of sclerotherapy are minimal, with the most common side effects of sclerotherapy being itching and bruising around the treated veins. In some instances, the vein may feel bumpy and hard.

These symptoms usually subside over several weeks and disappear toward the end of the recovery period.
More severe side effects are extremely rare and include sudden leg swelling or sores around the injection area of the vein. If you experience these symptoms, please call your doctor right away.

People with a history of allergies may experience itching, redness, and swelling of the vein. If you have allergies, be sure to let your doctor know so that he or she can test for them prior to treatment and you can avoid these typical allergic reactions.

What are the Pros & Cons of Sclerotherapy Treatment?

Pros of Sclerotherapy for Spider and Varicose Veins

The biggest advantage of sclerotherapy treatment is that іt’s not a surgery and does not require lots of preparation or a lengthy recovery. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services (Office on Women’s Health), the treatment can be performed in-office and doesn’t require any type of anesthesia.

Anоthеr advantage оf sclerotherapy treatment іѕ that іt has minimal impact on the life of a patient. The treatment can be done wіthіn 30 minutes or even less. There’s no need to recuperate or rest up after the injections, and most patients find that they are able to return to their regular activities as soon as possible.

Cons of Sclerotherapy for Spider and Varicose Veins

No treatment is ever perfect, and not all treatment is right for everybody. There are some cons to sclerotherapy treatment. One potential disadvantage of the treatment is that it doesn’t necessarily work on all patients.

However, it is typically recommended for spider veins and for smaller varicose veins. People with very prominent or large veins usually see better results from a combination of different procedures and sclerotherapy may need to be used in combination with radiofrequency ablation or VenaSeal.

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